Meghan Freed featured in Avvo Article “Do Couples Who Toke Together Stay Together?”

avvoFreed Marcroft attorney Meghan Freed was featured in a recent Avvo article on the benefits and detriments of marijuana use on relationships.

Author Elizabeth Weiss discussed several relationship benefits, including anxiety reduction, trust building, and fight prevention.

Meghan spoke to the potential financial and legal downsides:

There’s also a potential money issue. Depending on the enthusiasm with which a couple embarks on marijuana as an extracurricular activity, the cost—literally and figuratively—of marijuana usage could be substantial. “Although the mental and physical impacts of marijuana use on a spouse—and therefore on a marriage—may be more obvious, it is important to keep in mind the financial impact that a spouse’s marijuana use can have on a family,” says Meghan Freed, attorney with Freed Marcroft in Hartford, Connecticut. “The amount of money spent on marijuana can be significant and, depending on a family’s financial resources, may negatively impact their ability to pay household bills, purchase groceries, etc.” Drug use may also lead to termination of employment, Freed adds, which in turn creates a financial crisis within the family.


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Written by Freed Marcroft