“Is There Sugar in Syrup?”

“Yes.” “Then yes!” Buddy the Elf isn’t the only guy who likes syrup.  I’ve actually handled a sticky (sorry) maple litigation before, so I’m familiar with how much money there can be in sap — but a news story today out of Canada today proved just what big business syrup is. It’s so lucrative that an OPEC-style cartel in Quebec controls “about 77 percent of the world’s maple syrup.”  (An OPEC-style cartel!) It’s Read More

Swan Song

  Beginning Freed Marcroft meant ending something else.  For me, it meant leaving Hartford Steam Boiler, where over the course of five plus years I have had the privilege to work with exceptionally wonderful people. I work most closely with Darren, Beth, and Donna.  Darren is a great lawyer and a great friend.  I will darken his door often.  Really, really often.  I cannot imagine functioning without Read More

Invincible Summer

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer. Albert Camus Look, it’s the bar exam. We are not actually suffering here, we are privileged. This thing you are going do tomorrow and the next day and, depending what state you're in, maybe even the day after that is very difficult, but the opportunity to do it is a gift. You are trying out to be a member of one of the two great Read More