Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Attorneys

Collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial and private process that focuses on reaching a divorce settlement that’s fair and beneficial to both spouses.   At Freed Marcroft, team members are both experienced divorce attorneys and trained collaborative lawyers. We can help guide you through the collaborative process to reach a resolution that helps you transition to your new life.

Like mediation, collaborative practice is a voluntary litigation alternative.  One major difference is that in a collaborative divorce, each spouse is fully represented throughout the negotiation by his or her own collaborative attorney.

The parties and their individual attorneys sign an agreement to commit themselves to resolve all issues of the divorce by negotiated agreement without resorting — or threatening to resort — to litigation.   If the collaborative process breaks down, neither attorney can represent either party in divorce litigation. The collaborative agreement is designed to keep everyone focused on the same goal and looking for creative solutions.

Our Attorneys Will Be Your Guide

Collaborative divorce takes place in an informal and private setting, allowing the parties to candidly confront their issues without formal court procedure or public disclosure of private family matters. Unlike in a high conflict litigation focused on a judge’s rulings, attorneys in a collaborative divorce facilitate the parties’ conversation and help them identify and focus upon the issues most important to them.

In addition to attorneys, divorce often includes professionals from other disciplines on the team. A mental health professional (serving as a divorce coach and child specialist) and a neutral financial professionals are common collaborative team members whose role is to reduce conflict and generate constructive resolutions (rather than to advocate for one party over another).

How to Decide Whether Collaborative Divorce is Right for You

At Freed Marcroft, we practice in all of the approaches to divorce — collaborative law, mediation, and high and low conflict family law litigation — because what is most important to us is finding designing an approach individualized to your, your goals, and your family.

The basic differences between collaboration, mediation, and litigation are located here.  Or, check out Attorney Meghan Freed’s explanation in our video “How To Choose Your Approach.”

Our divorce and family law attorneys and legal team will be by your side every step of the way to guide you through the process.

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