Our Divorce and Family Law Practice

slider-place1-1024x551At Freed Marcroft, we’re a different kind of family law firm – and we are proud to be so. While we have the deep bench, legal knowledge, business acumen, and aggressive approach we need to succeed at trial, our goal is not to take every client’s case to court.

Instead, our goal is to help you resolve your divorce and family law issues in the ways that work for you. That’s why we begin our relationship with each client by discussing your unique situation, concerns, goals, and values. We build a personalized strategy that remains mindful of our clients’ overall wellness.

Our divorce practice offers several options for a smooth divorce process, including mediation and collaborative law. For most clients, we find that a tenacious and thoughtful use of these processes eliminates the stress and expense of a courtroom trial. When it is best for you to go to court, we go to court.  But we will also help you secure the peace of mind of knowing that you did all you could before that day comes.

Often, we assist clients who must dissolve or value a family business as part of their divorce or who have other high net worth divorce concerns. We’ve also helped clients tackle international divorce and custody cases. And, of course, we’re fully equipped to help you deal with questions of alimony or spousal support, whether you expect to pay it or to receive it.

For anyone with young children, questions of child custody, parenting plans, and child support are an inevitable part of the divorce process. When you have children from more than one marriage, the questions can become even more complex. As parents and aunts ourselves, we know that no two children are the same – and no two parent-child relationships are the same either. When children are involved, we prioritize their well-being as much as you do.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Come talk to us. We can help you understand the legal landscape. With accurate information in hand, you can take control of a turbulent situation and envision a future we are honored to help you build.

Not seeking divorce? Talk to us anyway. Our practice offers a full range of family law solutions for every stage of life. We also assist clients with prenuptial agreements, adoption, and probate.