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How to Start

Maybe you’re considering divorce. Maybe your spouse has brought the subject up. Perhaps one of you has filed for divorce already, or you are struggling with a problem involving divorce, separation, or custody of your children from this marriage or a previous marriage.

Many divorce and family law issues are complex, and every situation is unique. When you’re the one in the center of the problem, family law issues are often stressful, frustrating, or bewildering as well. If you’re not sure where to start or how to solve the problem, don’t worry – you’ve already begun.

Your first step is to talk to us. If you’re not sure you want to divorce, talk to us anyway. We often meet with people who are still weighing their options. We will provide the information you need to understand your options, reduce your stress, and plan a way forward. We’ll help you avoid the risks of making decisions about your future, your children, and your finances without real and accurate information, and help you retain calm and control in an otherwise chaotic situation.

At your Goals & Planning Conference

We’ll get to know you.

We’ll learn about your family, your situation, and the things that matter most to you. The better we understand our client’s values and goals, the more effective we are at helping you build a better future.

We’ll help you understand your options. 

When we talk with you, our goal is to help you gain an understanding of how to move forward, as well as a vision of the future you want to build. Once you can picture your future, you can start to build a clear strategy that will empower you to make smart decisions about whether and how to approach divorce.

You’ll start to see the new life you’re moving towards, and we’ll be here to usher you to it with knowledge, understanding, and security.

Are you ready to take the first steps toward the next chapter of your life? Give us a call at 860-560-8160.

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