Lisa Thiesfield

Lisa Thiesfield, Director of Client Services

Lisa Thiesfield believes life is a team sport.

“Everyone has a chance to win – and it all boils down to decisions.”

In middle school, Lisa and her family moved from Long Island to Haiti. It was a new country, new language, new friends, new school, new culture, — new everything. As a middle-schooler, this was a unique situation to take on. Ten-year old Lisa went “all in” on the challenge, and as a result quickly developed her personal superpower: the ability to help herself (and others) navigate the unknown and seek out opportunity in the face of adversity.

Lisa brings over 25 years of experience in client service, and is excited to bring her skills to the Freed Marcroft team. Along her path, Lisa has learned that our families (including those we’re both with and those we choose) influence how we travel life’s bumpy roads, scenic overlooks, glasses half empty (or full!) and roads not yet traveled.

Lisa considers her work on our team, helping families navigate difficult circumstances and unknown challenges, a mission of gratitude to those who helped her in the past. Life is a team sport, and Lisa is committed to getting folks off of the sidelines and into the game. She’s eager to help our clients and potential new clients find their strength, move forward, and embrace the life that awaits them.

When not at work Lisa loves to cook and enjoys music and movies. A self declared “superfreak for libraries,” Lisa’s quest for knowledge is never-ending.