We have the best endorsement any lawyer can ask for: our client testimonials. Each individual and family we represent reaffirms our belief in what we do. We value the lasting relationships we have built with clients, and often stay in touch long after our legal matter is concluded.

Thank you!

To Courtney & Freed Marcroft Team:

I just want to thank you for all of your hard work in regards to my case. Although in my heart what transpired was not truly what I wanted, I feel that you did an excellent job in terms of the agreement that we settled on in court today. I just have to put my trust in the fact that he will follow through on everything we agreed upon for the children. You did an outstanding job with the parenting plan and I thank you very much for taking into consideration my concerns about the children and what is best for all of us. This is such an emotional day for me and I’m grateful to have had you represent me and my children on behalf of this matter.

To the team at Freed Marcroft: It was a pleasure working with you, especially Carla, Jaclyn and Lori. I appreciate all of your hard work and efforts to successfully get me to the other side of my divorce. I am able to move forward on my journey with a sense of deep appreciation and gratitude. The beautiful floral arrangement added a special brightness to my day. I can’t than you enough for your patience, understanding and knowledge. Carla – thank you for your tireless effort and understanding.

Seth was amazing in court. He is an excellent person and we are so happy [to be connected] with you and your firm. Thank you!

Kristen, Robin, et al:

From my first fearful phone call – so quickly responded to with full-heartedness – through my moments of indecision to and through the entire divorce process, you had my back… and hugs too!

What a prescription for wellness through adversity. You will always have my gratitude and respect. Thanks for being so sane in a crazy world.

I just wanted to let you know how helpful and supportive Carla was to me the entire time we worked together. She always kept me in the loop, supported my decisions and guided me down the right path to conclude this negative situation. I would recommend her to anyone in the same situation I was in, hopefully I don’t have to. You are lucky to have her at your firm and she is lucky to have such a supportive boss. Thank you so much for helping me to close that chapter in my life and now move forward to more positive experiences.

I’d like to pass along a HUGE thank you to Felicia. I don’t know if there are the correct words to express the gratitude that I have for her support, knowledge and understanding. From our very first conversation to the very end of my divorce she was exactly what I needed. Her guidance through the most difficult time in my life was invaluable. Through the entire process I found myself thinking “I am so glad I have this person in my corner.” Her sound advice got me where I needed to be and her ability to prepare me for all outcomes and possibilities at each step was critical. We had to change our game plan several times throughout to process and I always knew she had my best interest in mind.

Meghan, Robin, Felicia and Kristen,

Your hard work, determination, and integrity have really made a difference in our lives. I have a feeling the next four years are going to be a challenge. The world needs more people like you who are willing to fight for them.

I just wanted to express to you just how happy I am with the services that Carla has provided me thus far. She has been very professional, knowledgeable, reliable and reassuring through this process that myself and my children are going through. I know that Carla is a new addition to the Freed Marcroft firm so I wanted to make sure that I sent you a note to bring to your attention just how fantastic I think she is. I have the utmost respect for her and confidence in her ability to reach a better plan and routine for my children. Additionally, when I work with her I can feel the love she has for her job; I feel she is going through this process with me and that I am not just “another client.”

It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting in your office, terrified of what my options were. From the very first visit you were warm and reassuring and Carla has followed in your path.

Thank you again for all that you and Carla have been doing for me and my children. It has not been easy emotionally to see my children struggle, but I know Carla is on my side and that brings me comfort and peace through this process. Reaching out you and your firm was the BEST decision I have ever made.

I wanted to let you know how happy I am to work with Felicia in what is, for me, a very difficult emotional situation. I find her to be very level-headed, unafraid to give me hard advice, and able to talk me off of potentially irrational positions, which in itself is a feat. She is also very delicate in dealing with opposing counsel when needed, which goes a long way. I know lawyers can be the most difficult clients but I am very happy to be working with your firm.

As I planned Christmas Eve luncheon with my Favorite Former Husband (FFH), kids, and parents I looked back on what you did for us and I cannot thank you enough. I believe an amicable dissolution of the bond of marriage is the ultimate act of faith and trust in someone you no longer understand. Thank you again for believing there was enough good left in us to get through the process.